Art Contest

Submissions for the 2018 Downtown Newton Art Contest are now displayed around Newton! Vote in stores or online for your favorite piece from March 31 to April 14. LIMIT ONE VOTE PER PERSON, PER CATEGORY! Winners will be announced at 7 PM on Thursday, April 19 at the Carriage Factory Gallery. Thanks for supporting the arts in Newton!

2018 Youth Category

"Home on the Farm", Jonathan Bergman

"Flying West", Jonathan Bergman

"4th of July", David Bergman

"No Place Like Home", Mollyanna Bergman

"Ride Free", Maylin Bergman

"Moonlit Path", Katherine Friesen

"Dragon at Dusk", Elizabeth Friesen

"The Jewel Dragon", Elizabeth Friesen

"Untitled", Autumn L Hill

"Language of a Creative Soul", Amala John

"Piano Penguins", Anne John

"Family Tree", Maggie Kepley

"Step into my Garden", Maggie Kepley

"Musical Art", Jade Ruiz

"Skipper", Andrew Zhuang

"Jayhawk and Cookies", Kiyah Zhuang

2018 Adult Category

"Saturday Morning", Constance Gehring

Saturday Morning

"Ripples and Rock", Yolanda Kauffman

Ripples and Rock

"Water I", Yolanda Kauffman

Water I

"Waiting for a princess", JP 'George' Krievins

Waiting for a princess

"Duckpin", JP 'George' Krievins


"Interesting Clouds", Mary Lee

Interesting Clouds

"Blizzard Babe", Carrie L. Lewis

Blizzard Babe

"Running Free", Carrie L. Lewis

Running Free

"Reclaiming the Prairie", Jenny Long

Reclaiming the Prairie

"Looking into the Past", Jenny Long

Looking into the Past

"Then The Sun Rose", Meredith Radke-Gannon

Then The Sun Rose

"Kansas Dragons I", Kathleen Schroeder

Kansas Dragons I

"Kansas Dragons II", Kathleen Schroeder

Kansas Dragons II

"Thermal Dawn", Kent Stucky

Thermal Dawn

"Above the Clouds", Kent Stucky

Above the Clouds

"The Unlikely Duo", Matthew Thonen

The Unlikely Duo

"Café Scene", Matthew Thonen

Café Scene

"Winter Beauty 1", Jennifer Weigel

Winter Beauty 1

"Winter Beauty 2", Jennifer Weigel

Winter Beauty 2

"Memories in Blue", Carol Zerger

Memories in Blue

"Winter Snack", Carol Zerger

Winter Snack

"Wild Flowers in the Tetons", Virginia Swartzendruber

Wild Flowers in the Tetons

"Kansas Barns", Virginia Swartzendruber

Kansas Barns

Voting is closed. Winners to be announced soon!